Welcome to 755 Braves Ave! We are excited to provide you with a great place to read about and discuss the Atlanta Braves. We aren’t going to be the site that is going to overload you with frivolous content in order to hit post goals. Our mission is to take a quality over quantity approach that will reach the Braves fanbase with content that is worth their time to read.

Most content on this site will likely come with an analytical slant, but not all of our content will fit into that mold. The idea behind analytical content will be to inform and not segregate. For those not into the analytical-based content, we will definitely have some more standard commentary about the Braves, their minor league affiliates and players, and other things happening around the game of baseball for you to enjoy.

For those of you that don’t know much about me, my name is Josh McCarroll and my rise to “fame” in the Braves community happened in 2006 when I started the website Braves-Nation.com. That site grew from being “just” a message board in the beginning into a full-blown content-producing website at its height that many people that were around then now feel was before its time due to the different angles we took to deliver content. A lot of the people you probably know from your circles on Braves twitter probably made a trip through Braves-Nation.com, or were influenced by someone that did, at one point in time. The people that will be producing content on this site are, for the most part, people I met over 10 years ago through Braves-Nation.com.

Our content roster as we start this journey:

You can follow us on twitter @755BatteryAve and on Facebook at 755 Battery Ave to be notified of new posts going live, as well as other things we have planned for both social media platforms. We look forward to interacting with you through the comments on the site and on social media. There are things we wanted to add to the site but weren’t able to work on before launching the site, so be on the lookout for new features coming your way soon. We welcome feedback or suggestions on how to make this a welcoming place for all Braves fans.