755Cast Episode 001: The Debut


We’ve been wanting to do a podcast since we launched in May but it never came together. Finally, we got together for the first time and talked for over two hours in what was meant to be a test recording just to get the engine churning. For our debut cast, we’ve edited that down to provide you with some of the best takes to come out of our first recording session.

We hope to come to you with a weekly podcast, but it may take us a little while to settle into a true schedule. Also, if the podcast can’t be found on iTunes yet, it will be soon. And we’ll be slowly adding other outlets along the way.

755Cast Episode 001: The Debut

The debut podcast from 755 Battery Ave featuring Joe, Brando, Josh and Brandon. The guys discuss their thoughts on the 2018 Braves and what may be in store for an important and exciting offseason.


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